Vijayalaxmi, a scholar of ancient Indian science of Hasta Samudrik Shastra (Palmistry) and Numerology counsels clients on relationships, career, health, and all other aspects of life.


Born and educated in India, for decades Vijayalaxmi has passionately studied ancient Indian as well as Western Palmistry and Numerology. She moved to the U.S in 2000 to be with her family. Since then she started her practice here, deftly combining palm reading with numerology for the positive direction and welfare of her clients. She has been passionately helping thousands of her clients to create more harmonious energy in their lives, in India and here in the U.S, over the span of 40 years. She has done readings for clients from all over the world, as well as innumerable events and lectures. She is a popular reader for a decade in Ann Arbor’s prestigious bookstore. She has also deeply studied nutrition, astrology, and philosophy to be able to give guidance to her clients, in different aspects of their life.


Like all of divine creation, lines on the palm hold a definite purpose and to understand them is to reveal one’s aptitudes, strengths, and future trends. Your palm is the Divine Map of your life. If someone going on a cross country trip and is well prepared about the roads, climate, maps, food and so on, his journey becomes much easier. The same way your life’s journey becomes, at the least somewhat easier if you are aware of your life’s map  that is your palm. It helps you to understand the landscape of change that lies ahead on your life’s journey. The transformation you may wish to do in your life is easier with awareness. And palm reading is helpful to create that awareness!




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